Physics Projects

Loyola Science Center QR Code Project

I have recently created a project within The University of Scranton community that will integrate QR codes, images similar to bar codes, into the layout of the new Loyola Unified Science Center on the University of Scranton Campus. This project will allow professors and faculty to interact and share digital information with their students in a much easier way.

The QR codes also provide an opportunity for visitors to the University of Scranton campus to learn more about what research and events are happening on campus as they visit. I hope to be able to introduce enough new and groundbreaking information to publish a paper on this topic.

Lab Experience

In addition to my senior research project (mentioned below), I also involve myself with various side projects related to technology and physics, while at The University of Scranton.

I have developed an apparatus for testing the mean free path of photons as they travel through various objects (seen at left). This project was conceived and designed during my free time after classes, and was used in our Senior Research Seminar class. It tested the MFP of laser light through air, water, opaque water, Styrofoam, and even solid wood.

Additionally, I have built small single purpose circuits and ‘breadboard’ projects using entirely self-taught knowledge under my own volition. I have built AM Radio receivers, interfaces for Nintendo controllers, and even integration of small infrared remote controls into Nintendo ‘brick-style’ controller casings.

In my spare time, I have also begun learning the usage of Arduino boards. These printed circuit boards are extremely popular amongst hobbyists, and can be used to perform simple tasks over and over. More information regarding this topic could be seen on my Extracurricular page.

University of Scranton Physics Club

I was very involved with the University of Scranton’s Physics Club; acting as the President of the club in my Junior and Senior years, as well as other leadership positions in previous years.

The Physics Club is registered both with the American Physics Society, and The Society of Physics Students.

The club hosts weekly meetings and discuss various topics in the fields of Physics, Science, and Technology while promoting a larger sense of community among the members.

In addition to being a social gathering for those being educated in the field, The University of Scranton Physics Club also hosts an annual physics competition among the local high schools, titled The Kane Competition.