Work Experience

Crunchy Data Solutions

Programmer and On-Call Support Agent 2016-Present

Penn Manor School District

Technology Support Specialist: 2011-2016

Working as a Technical Support Specialist at Penn Manor School District provided many opportunities to work with computers and technology support within a school setting. I was assigned 3 separate school buildings within the district; Eshleman Elementary School, Conestoga Elementary School, and Manor Middle School.

My projects since starting work at the district have allowed me to work very independently while maintaining a strict focus on larger goals. I have begun several plans and projects to update both aging computer hardware and faculty computing methods, all the while working to increase the visibility of the IT Department within the buildings by creating a professional and courteous rapport with the faculty.

Because many of my projects take me to three different school buildings, spread across roughly 20 miles of geographic space, it is very important that I maintain a comprehensive organization of my work, as well as utilize methods of tech support that allow me to help solve problems, despite being miles away. I have become well versed in the Mac OSX Administration Package “Casper”, developed by Jamf Software, and use it on a daily basis. The software allows me to remotely manage any computer under my jurisdiction; from installing software, to troubleshooting network problems.

I look forward to working more within this school district while I develop my skills and begin to work more in depth with plans that shape the future of technology at the Penn Manor School District.

Mahanoy Area School District

Assistant Director of Information Technology: 2011-2011

As the Assistant Director of IT at the Mahanoy Area School District, my job was to assist in the setup and deployment of dozens of new computers, as well as manage and organize a new Nook Color program. Additionally, I assisted the management of the hardware and computer network services that were affected by a devastating fire that occurred shortly before I began work at the school district.

Working with the Nook Colors was an interesting and educational experience. I was tasked with the duty of creating an environment with (initially) 30 Nook Colors would be used in lieu of textbooks for several Language Arts classes. I created a small scale program that would allow the Nooks to be ‘rooted’ - that is, give me administrator rights, to the system. From there, I was able to control what the students were able to do and access while using the Nooks. Additionally, several steps needed to be taken to configure the school district’s network filtering to allow the Nooks to function properly. Because of its initial success, the program has expanded to the use of around 90 Nook Colors being used in both Elementary, Middle, and High School educational programs.

This job also provided me with useful experience in network troubleshooting. After the fire, much of the network throughout the school complex was severely crippled. As a result, I assisted in the re-routing of internet traffic throughout the complex, taking measurements of underused data lines and balancing the traffic loads accordingly.

##University of Scranton ###Digital Services Assistant Librarian: 2011-2011 As a Digital Services Assistant Librarian, my job was to provide much of the footwork included in the creation of a QR Code project that is scheduled to be featured in The University of Scranton’s Unified Science Center. This project aims to link physical locations (such as a professor’s office) with digital resources (such as a professor’s personal website). This project is aided by Kristen Yarmey, M.L.S. of The University of Scranton.

An academic article regarding this pioneering use of QR codes is slated to be published in The Reference Librarian in the near future, and the actual implementation of the QR codes is estimated to be complete by the Spring of 2012.

In addition to the QR project, I also assisted with many digital archive management and digitization services. I cataloged and maintained large amounts of digital information; such as old periodicals, penmanship journals, and other documents of historical value. Upon receiving a newly digitized collection, some of my duties included heavy use of Photoshop to restore or split documents.

###Public Relations 2011-2011 Within the Public Relations Department of The University of Scranton, my job was to create and manage content relating to the university’s web presence. I performed regular quality assurance tests on the web pages to make sure that all of the materials were proofread, categorized, and properly updated.

I regularly worked with large quantities of data, while maintaining logs of work completed as well as maintaining the large amounts of web content. Some of the projects that I would QA test ranged upwards of 50 pages and included hundreds of hyperlinks that needed to be verified.

I also helped with several design topics, including some consultation on the designs of The University of Scranton’s mobile web page, as is to be heavily used in conjunction with my QR code project.

###Technical Consultant: 2010-2011 As a TechCon, my job is to consult and educate both students and faculty on the use of current technology to aide in the classroom and learning environment.

TechCons are also required to give monthly updates on various projects, from faculty aide to independent programming projects. Additionally, one major presentation is made discussing a new technology and how it could be applied for use in and around the University.

TechCons are required to know intimate knowledge about the workings of Content Management Systems; such as Cascade Server, Course Management Software; such as Blackboard or ANGEL, as well as a plethora of other digital resources.

I was transferred from this position to the Digital Services Librarian position in January of 2011 to begin work on a QR Code project for The University of Scranton.