I’m a sucker for clean code, a well written sci-fi book, a super strong cup of coffee, and long walks on the beach.

I’m a geek at heart, and I really love doing what I do.

More Information

I am a 2011 recipient of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics at The University of Scranton and was very involved in many aspects of my university community during my time there.

I have a strong interest in physics as well as computer science. I hope to take full advantage of these skills with a productive and fulfilling career. (So far so good!)

I have effectively worked in multidisciplinary positions in the past, ranging from Warehouse Operations within a welding supply company to Head Developer on several technology-based projects.

I currently work remotely for Crunchy Data Solutions, a PostgreSQL company.


I am very involved with Open Source Computing, as well as Linux Development.

I can be a bit outspoken when it comes to Information Security, Open Source Developer culture, and Comic Books.

I have taught myself circuits, and have created several hobby applications using an Arduino board as well as several projects from raw parts. I have some information regarding small projects that I have completed below.

I have been featured or have had adaptations of my projects featured on several prominent and respectable websites, including Lifehacker and TechCrunch.

I can frequently be found flying one of my multicopters outside.


App I currently have a few Android applications available for download on the Android Market and Amazon Appstore.

Seen at right is a screenshot of my first, and main app. It is a minimalistic clock widget for Android phones. Currently, it does nothing more than tell time, but I have plans to greatly expand the functionality of the application. If you have an Android phone, please try it out! I would love to have some feedback.

Almost every coding project that I’ve worked on is available on my GitHub page. Use the link at the bottom of the page to view my GitHub profile for more info.

Additionally, I have several projects using the Arduino development board to achieve diverse tasks. Below is a video of one project that I have created which interfaces with a computer to output text, while sounding a buzzer at different frequencies to create a song. The more astute among you may recognize this song as the famous “Theme for Portal”.


I enjoy reading science fiction novels, particularly the authors Michael Crichton and Douglas Adams. Science Fiction and Comedy films are a favorite of mine as well.

I have dabbled with the electric bass; my main influence is Indie Rock and Punk Rock.

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me via any of the services linked at the bottom of the site.